Weblist Store (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a website (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") with respect to related sites of weblist Store and (hereinafter referred to as "this website" " weblist Store Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to simply as "privacy policy") with the aim of protecting the personal information of customers (hereinafter referred to as "users") and establishing a system that allows customers to use this website with peace of mind. ) And deal with personal information collected from customers based on the privacy policy.

1. Scope of Privacy Policy

a) Privacy policy, the Company in this website will be applied with respect to the handling of personal information to be collected from customers.

b) In the present website, become our advertisers and the like as a main component, conducted a questionnaire or the like in the published advertisement, you might want to collect the personal information of customers. In this case, we are only offering advertisements to advertisers as media, and advertisers will be the principal to collect, use, possess and manage personal information, etc. The advertiser is an independent business entity that handles personal information in accordance with the privacy policy etc. that has established its own privacy policy and the like, the Company does not hold the personal information gathered in this way, so privacy Policy is not applicable.

2. Definition of terms

In the privacy policy, personal information means personal information (information on surviving individuals, which can identify a specific individual, including name, address, telephone number, etc.) specified in the Personal Information Protection Act and personal information such as e-mail address, password, credit card etc. used in connection with individuals of the company, information on purchase transactions integrated with them, hobbies, family composition, age and other personal attribute information.

3. Use of statistical data

a) We are, in this website, if you want to take advantage of services that the customer is provided by this website, if you want to register as a monitor of this website, her intention of receiving the provision any or information that this web site is carried out When we display to our company, in case of cooperating with the questionnaire conducted by our company on this website or applying for a prize etc, or in case of purchasing products sold by our company on this website We will collect personal information in etc.). Opportunities for our company to collect customer's personal information on this website will be changed due to renewal etc. of this website. Therefore, the above case exemplifies a part of the opportunity for us to collect customer's personal information on this website, and it is not limited to these cases.

b) Personal information that we ask you to register to a customer, the customer has been limited to those that are required to use the services of this website.

c) Personal information that we collect from customers, will vary depending on the service or the like that we offer on this website. Depending on the service, we collect personal information such as customer's mail address, address, name, telephone number, etc. In some cases, we collect statistical information such as age, sex, preference, interest etc. In addition, when customers purchase products sold by our company, we may ask you to register for credit card number etc.

4. Use of personal information

a) We will primarily use the following purposes personal information collected from customers. In order to improve the services and products offered by the Company on this website, personal information may be used to the extent that consent is obtained from customers for purposes other than these purposes.

◦  Shipment of purchased items, gifts, etc.

◦  Distribution of e-mail newsletters

◦  Send guidance or direct mail of new products, services or campaigns etc. to customers

◦  Investigation of usage situation etc. of this website, creation of statistical data using them, disclosure to inside and outside the company

◦  Responding to customer inquiries

b) We are, if you want to collect personal information in each page in this web site, you might want to explicitly individually intended use. In this case, we will use that personal information within the purpose specified on that page and the purpose specified in 4.(a).

c) The company, based on the personal information were provided, create statistical data, when performing the disclosure of internal and external, create the statistical data in a non-personal format, the disclosure. In this case, we are not subject to any restrictions on the use and disclosure of statistical data in relation to customers.

5. Management and protection of personal information

a) We are, for the personal information of customers, established internal management system, and make the appropriate management.

b) We are, for access to such database according to the personal information, limiting the person who has the access authority, in-house, we are strictly managed so that it is not illegal handling with respect to personal information.

c) Our company, e-mail or mail processing and delivery of (including the prizes, etc.), provide customer support, arrange delivery, outside the business, such as the creation of statistical data business partners (hereinafter referred to as "business partners" ) When delegating such services, personal information may be deposited with business partners in some cases. In this case, we select a business partner that is deemed to be able to properly manage personal information, and in the business outsourcing contract etc., leakage of customer's personal information such as management of personal information, prohibition of re-entrustment, obligation of damages, etc. We have made arrangements in writing with the business partner as necessary. Business partners have an obligation to strictly manage personal information and keep it confidential in contract, and it is prohibited to handle personal information beyond the range specified by our company.

6. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

In principle, we will not disclose customer's personal information to third parties. However, in the following cases, we may disclose personal information after carefully considering the necessity of such necessity.

◦  When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body, property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer himself/herself.

◦  In cases where it is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting healthy fostering of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer himself/herself.

◦  In cases where it is necessary for a government agency or a local public entity or a person receiving consignment thereof to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and obtaining the agreement of the customer himself/herself interferes with the execution of the affairs When there is a risk of affecting.

◦  In cases where there is a risk of interfering with the performance of the affairs by obtaining the consent of the principal.

◦  In the case where the obligation to disclose or provide personal information to our company is stipulated by other laws and regulations.

◦  When a customer is requested to provide information necessary for the third party to provide services, etc. from the third party concerned (advertiser/carrier, etc.) due to the use of this website by the third party.

◦  When we transfer all or part of our sales to third parties or divide them into spin-offs if we transfer to third parties or spun off company from our company.

◦  Information that cannot identify or identify the customer himself/herself.

◦  Other reasonable judgment by the Company that it is necessary for the provision of services to customers.

7. Personal Information Protection Administrator

We have the following persons as our personal information protection administrator and we manage personal information appropriately, mainly with personal information protection managers.

Weblist Store.

IT Manager

8. Inquiries concerning Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Personal Information

Customers can receive disclosure of their personal information, request correction, addition or deletion. For requests and inquiries regarding disclosure/correction, addition or deletion of personal information, please contact the following e-mail address. general contact window

9. About cookies

a) A cookie (Cookie), for the purpose of the website, is to hold the record, is a small text file to be sent to the hard disk of the user's computer. With cookies, you can store information on preferences for a specific site of a user, making it more useful to use the web. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and cookies are used on many sites for the purpose of providing useful functions to users. The cookie identifies the computer used by the user, but it cannot identify the individual user.

b) We are, in this website, we may use cookies in the following cases.

◦  In providing customized services for each customer, customers may use cookies in consideration of convenience. This cookie is set when a customer accesses or logs into a customized page.

◦  It may be used to measure the number of users of this website.

◦  Cookies may also be used for posted advertisements.

c) For behavioral targeting advertising in Weblist Store, website browsing information and membership registration information of the customer, on the basis of such each service utilization information, an advertisement in accordance with the interests of customers, seems to be beneficial for each customer We provide "behavioral targeting advertisement (personalized advertisement)" to deliver.

Behavioral targeting advertisement is a technology to deliver advertisements that seem to be more useful for each customer by using Weblist Store and advertisements viewed on third-party sites, clicked advertisements, other actions and cookies.

◦  Those who wish to stop 'Behavioral Targeting Advertisement', please take the following steps to disable it.

◦  The procedure to disable cookies depends on your browser.

◦  If you are using any of the following browsers, please contact the support center of each browser.

10. Other matters concerning privacy on the Internet

a) Such as bulletin boards and chat, everyone is if you disclose voluntarily personal information on the Internet that can be accessed, the information, please keep in mind that there are likely to be used are collected by other users. If you publish your email address, you may receive undesirable messages based on the information posted there. Customers need to be aware of sending information at their own risk.

b) Can be accessed through this web site third-party sites and services, or sweepstakes and promotional activities companies that collect personal information such as through the terms and data with respect to individual privacy that is independent of the Company The collection agreement of the agreement is stipulated. We do not undertake any obligation or responsibility for these independent third-party terms and activities.

11. Change and notification of privacy policy

Since our company may change privacy policy without prior notice, please confirm the latest contents of this page when using this website.

2017 Jan 1st, revised