FAQ Weblist Store

1.What is Weblist Store?
Weblist Store is an integrated online business directory service that can search and display multiple dictionaries and glossaries at once. Search the search keywords across the dictionaries registered in Weblist Store and display the corresponding items in a list format.

2.How do you read 'Weblist Store'? What do you mean?
Weblist Store reads 'directory'. The name of Weblist Store is a coined word that multiplied 'www' and 'Web(Web)'. 'Weblist Store' means a plural word of business place, Weblist-Multiple list of websites.

3.Does it cost money to use Weblist Store?
Weblist Store directory and Weblist thesaurus most of the services, including the are available at no charge. In addition, 'Premium service' is prepared as an additional function which can use Weblist Store's service more comfortably.

4.How long will it be 'BETA'?
Weblist Store is always looking for a specialized glossary of terms, and we are adding terminology from time to time. In addition, we are conducting R & D on functions to provide a more user-friendly system. Weblist Store is always growing and will continue to evolve. In the meantime I will continue to be a beta version.

5.What kind of Ads is registered in Weblist Store?
In Weblist Store, the terminology Ads representing each specialized field is included. Is what glossary has been registered, the pages of the registration directory list please visit.

6.I have a directory I would like to register in Weblist Store?
Weblist Store is always looking for dictionaries, glossaries, databases, performance, blogs that can participate in Weblist Store. If you have a recommended Images or content, please contact us from the directory recommendation form of 'Recommended Advertisement'. We do not care for self-recommendation or other recommendation.

7.Can I add a link to Weblist Store from the website?
In Weblist Store, you can link freely to any web page, including the top page. Also, there is no need to inform you that the link is pasted.

8.I want to post sentences and images posted on Weblist Store on the website?
Copyrights of texts and images in Weblist Store's glossary are attributed to companies or organizations that provide it. You cannot reprint sentences and images in the text without permission. For quotations and publications, please contact the information provider's website.

9.The content of the comment posted on Weblist Store is incorrect. Please Correct?
If errors in the description are found in Weblist Store, we will correct it after confirming it, so I would be pleased if you can contact us. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments about the content of the comment.

10.Please update the content of Wikipedia on Web browser as old?
If you find a delay in updating the article on Wikipedia on Weblist Store, we will update it so we hope to hear from you.

11.We found a page whose display is broken in Web browser?
We will correct if we find an abnormality on Weblist Store's page, so we are pleased to inform you.

12.What is the dice displayed in Weblist Store?
The dice displayed on the Weblist Store top page or article page indicate the number of the server that is running Weblist Store. We use these eyes to manage and operate Weblist Store server.

13.What is 'keywords' in the search column of Weblist Store?
Keywords directory refers to the thesaurus search function of Weblist Store. Synonym directory content we can find synonyms about search keywords by 'Weblist Store keywords' or "Weblist Store thesaurus" etc. For more information, Weblist Store keywords information page please visit.

14.What is 'Weblist Store Suggest'?
Weblist Store Suggest is an input support function that Weblist Store has. By comparing all articles included in Weblist Store with the input character strings, we can suggest candidate terms even in the process of inputting.

15.Can I add a Weblist Store search function to my website?
You can add a search form with the HTML tag prepared by Weblist Store. You can easily add tags by copying and pasting on the web page. For more information Weblist Store search form please refer to the page of.

16.Did you solve the question?
And more detailed question, with respect to questions about any other content, contact us page , please feel free to contact us from. The person in charge will surely reply within 24 hours from the reception.