About Weblist.store

Weblist.store is an integrated online business dictionary service that retrieves multiple dictionaries and glossaries at once and displays them at once.

1. Easy and convenient searching.

Information hit in the search condition is displayed directly from the dictionary and database registered in weblist.store.When multiple search results are hit, they are displayed side by side on the same page. Comparison of explanation contents and mutual completion can be done easily.

2. Easy reference of terms.

In the body of the commentary article, a link to other keywords registered in weblist.store is automatically attached.Keywords you do not understand that appeared in the commentary and keywords you care about can display search results with one click.

3. The world spreads through a dictionary.

It's packed with functions that not only "investigate" simply but also "make dictionary" more interesting. "Random display" function which randomly selects and displays keywords from commentary articles registered in weblist.store. "Access ranking" function that you can know what keywords are being browsed the most. About the search keyword "PAGE INCLUSIVE IN PAGE" function that can search for keywords mentioned in the text.

Why Weblist.store?

Weblist.store Classified ads company like search engine and is, a simple ad on the order of a few lines, the ad is displayed together with the classification for each images & content style is that of.

"Classified" (classified) of classified advertisement means "classified" or "item-specific". Also referred to as a "Image+Text ad", originally popular ad in a newspaper style it was. Internet specializes in classified ads on the Web site is, classified site has been referred to as Google search result.

Classified ads are other online advertising low cost of advertising, published in comparison with, there is a feature that the one-off advertising and, personal advertising, or it is easy also posted in a very niche content of the ad.

The contents of the classified ads, jobs and real estate information, unnecessary to the sale of goods or of which became handed over, looking for products, entrepreneurial jobs and Circle member’s recruitment, real estate-related, the event is a variety of such notice. Classified site has been making, such as the huge bulletin board that has been orderly categorization, users want to look for information can look for efficient.

Various search methods

In addition to searching by entering keywords directly, you can search by the following method.

Search from the index

◦ Dictionary name list or that has been displayed on the top page, from such as sectoral dictionary list of pages, you can pull the Japanese syllabary index for each of the dictionary.

◦ It is convenient when you cannot remember keywords you want to examine frequently or want to know what kind of keywords are registered in each dictionary.

Weblist.store random display Allows you to search for Weblist.store dictionary at random.

We randomly select keywords from Weblist.store registered and display them as search results. You might also be able to meet unexpected keywords that you never thought about until then Google 1st page Result.

Weblist.store category search Normal search results and in the same manner, you can search the dictionary that has been registered in Weblist.store.

If there is a dictionary that matches the search keyword, the link to the Dictionary page of the individual dictionary is displayed as the search result.

"For more information Weblist.store random display " and " Weblist.store category search please refer to the commentary page of each".

How to perform Weblist.store search from outside the Weblist.store homepage

Weblist.store search can also be done directly from the Weblist.store homepage, using browsers and tools. The Weblist.store search feature added to the browser, such as the Web browser of the search box, type a keyword, so that you can search directly Weblist.store. Bookmarklet in Weblist.store search in browser bookmarks (favorite), and add the ability to search for a string that you selected in Weblist.store.

Weblist.store search on Google Toolbar in Google toolbar, and add the ability to search for a string that you selected in Weblist.store.

For details about this, please check details on each function explanation page.

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